Career Development

Alt: Photo of Mayo Medical School student talking with faculty member

Through self-assessment exercises, career exploration workshops and faculty interactions, M.D. Program students learn to critically assess medical specialties and make the best career decisions.

Additional opportunities:

Career advisory and mentorship program

Every first-year student is carefully paired with a specialty career adviser who provides overall career guidance longitudinally throughout the four-year curriculum.

Students are also integrated with a mentorship family overseen by a seasoned faculty member and upperclassmen who assist in the support and professional transition of each new student into the field of medicine and Mayo Clinic.

Career exploration selectives

During the first and second years of medical school, students have selective periods between curriculum blocks that allow for self-directed learning.

Research project adviser

Each student initiates a research project during the third year. A research project adviser serves as a mentor for this experience.

June 09, 2016