How to Apply

1. Prerequisites and technical standards

Review the academic and test prerequisites and technical standards for all students applying for admission to the M.D. Program at Mayo Clinic School of Medicine. Transfer students are not accepted.

2. Application submission and fees

Complete the electronic application through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Applications are accepted June 1 through Oct. 1.

Given the highly competitive nature of our program, early submission of application materials is strongly encouraged.

Primary application: Minnesota campus, Arizona campus or both

In the primary application through AMCAS for the M.D. Program, applicants select their campus(es) of choice:

  • Mayo Clinic School of Medicine — Minnesota campus
  • Mayo Clinic School of Medicine — Arizona campus

Applicants may apply to either or both campuses. There is a separate fee for each campus. Applications are reviewed by separate campus admissions subcommittees. Deliberations and decisions are managed separately by each subcommittee. Campus location decisions are largely determined by the applicants and are not randomly assigned by committees.

Secondary application: Florida FOCUS (2+2) opportunity

If you are invited to submit a secondary application, you will have the opportunity to be considered for the Florida FOCUS (2+2) track. This select track allows students to spend their first two years based on either the Minnesota or Arizona campus and the final two years based on the Florida campus, which is known for its work in neuroscience, cancer, global health and health disparities.

Up to eight students from the total applicant pool will be selected for this option, which is new for the 2018 application cycle. Students begin their studies in either Minnesota or Arizona and then relocate to Florida prior to the 2020-2021 academic year.

Applicants may:

  • Select Florida FOCUS as their only or first choice, in which case they receive priority consideration
  • Select Florida FOCUS as their second choice
  • Choose to not be considered for this track and only be considered for the four-year core program in Arizona and/or Minnesota

In addition to the Florida FOCUS section on the secondary application, applicants must answer additional essay questions, verify completion of the required coursework and pay the secondary fee.

Application fees

For those applicants invited to submit the secondary application, an application filing fee of $120 must be submitted upon request. This fee is waived for all applicants who have been granted an AMCAS fee waiver. The application fee deadline is Nov. 15. No extensions to this deadline will be granted.

Letters of recommendation

Applicants should carefully review the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine letters of recommendation requirements and submit letters of recommendation through the AMCAS Letter Service as soon as they are available. The deadline for receipt of all designated letters is Nov. 15. No extensions to this deadline will be granted.

3. Transcripts

Transcripts for all previously completed academic programs must be submitted to AMCAS no later than Oct. 15. No extensions to this deadline will be granted.

May 27, 2017