Student and Trainee Activities


Mayo Clinic has partnered with local fitness clubs to offer discounts on enrollment fees and monthly membership dues. More details are available upon starting your program.

Leisure and Lifestyle Activities Program

Mayo students, trainees and their families join Mayo Clinic staff in enjoying the social, recreational, cultural and educational activities sponsored by Mayo's Leisure and Lifestyle Activities Program. These events include tickets and discounts for a variety of concerts, plays, sporting events and community activities.

Student associations

The Mayo Fellows Association serves as a liaison to Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education and Mayo Clinic administration. The association works to enhance training by providing and organizing seminars on personal finance and life after residency or fellowship, resident and fellow sports teams, wellness initiatives, and social activities such as movies, ice skating and sporting events.

Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences' Graduate Student Association provides a network to discuss course material, socialize and increase cultural knowledge. Members attend periodic lunches and gatherings to connect with fellow students, discuss a wide range of topics and interact with the education coordinator. The group is composed of current graduate students, master's students and technicians taking courses. Some of the activities include luncheons with new Mayo investigators, coffee breaks, dinners at local restaurants and outdoor activities.

Oct. 14, 2016