Application Process


A maximum of 75 candidates are accepted on a competitive basis each year for the Phlebotomy Technician Certificate Program at Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester, Minnesota.

How to apply

  1. Online application. Complete the online Application for Admission. After you create an account or log in, please select Application for Admission and complete each section. Note that applications can only be submitted during the open application windows listed in the class schedule.
  2. Supporting documentation. These supporting materials are required:
    • Official transcripts. Submit an official transcript from each high school or college that you have attended. Official transcripts should be mailed directly from each educational institution to Ms. Denise Skudlarek at the address below. They cannot be opened by the applicant first and then sent on.

      1. Jennifer L. Busch
        1. Phlebotomy Technician Certificate Program
        2. Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences
        3. Stabile Building, Third Floor
          200 First St. SW
          Rochester, MN 55905
        4. Phone: 507-266-9800
        5. Email:
    • Recommendations. Applicants need at least two letters of professional recommendations (someone who was or is an authority figure above your position in some capacity, such as a supervisor or teacher). In the online application, enter the email addresses of the people from whom you wish to receive recommendations. The program will then email them the recommendation form, and it will be returned directly to Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences.
    • Letter of interest essay. Please state what it is about the phlebotomy program and the phlebotomy profession that makes you want to participate (about 300-500 words).
    • Community service. Service experience will be considered in lieu of job experience.
  3. Interviews and acceptance. The selection committee carefully reviews each application and the accompanying documentation. Individuals considered for an appointment are interviewed.
Dec. 02, 2017