patient undergoing hemodialysis

Program description

Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences offers a 16-week Clinical Hemodialysis Technician Program at Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester, Minnesota. This program consists of a blended curriculum of online modules as well as lab time and clinical experiences. The program provides comprehensive clinical knowledge and skills that enable practitioners to provide hemodialysis to patients.

The Clinical Hemodialysis Technician Program teaches you how to work with patients and how to properly use hemodialysis equipment. The program focuses on helping you learn to take vital signs, obtain vascular access, take laboratory blood samples, and work comfortably with patients and their families.

Program goal

The goal of the Clinical Hemodialysis Technician Program is to provide you with the knowledge base and clinical skills necessary to ensure high quality care to patients with stage 5 kidney disease.


See accreditation information for Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science.


Mayo Clinic Dialysis Services includes eight hemodialysis units within a 130-mile radius of Rochester, Minnesota. Dialysis unit sizes range from six to 39 chairs, together comprising a total of 138 chairs that can serve more than 350 patients weekly.

The staffing configuration for the hemodialysis units includes one registered nurse working with either two clinical hemodialysis technicians or one patient care technician and one licensed practical nurse. This team is responsible for the care of up to nine patients.

The primary education site for this program is Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester, though clinical rotations may be completed at any of the eight Mayo hemodialysis facilities in the surrounding area.

Mayo Clinic's campus in Minnesota includes an extensive outpatient complex, Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester, and substantial research and education facilities. This Mayo Clinic site is among the largest, most advanced medical centers in the world.

Graduation and certification

After successfully completing this program, you receive a certificate of completion from Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences.

Mayo's program is a Center for Nursing Education and Testing (C-NET)-verified program that meets the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission's certification training requirements for hemodialysis technicians.

Graduates must obtain national certification within 18 months of being hired into and working in the hemodialysis patient care setting.


For the majority of the program, your learning schedule includes online class time. Lab days are on Mondays, with clinicals scheduled throughout the remainder of the week, including possible weekends. Hours vary for each rotation.

Class size

Twice a year, Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences admits up to six students to the Clinical Hemodialysis Technician Program. This ensures that you receive tailored instruction and a comprehensive educational experience.

May 11, 2018