Director's Welcome

General Surgery Residency program directors Sarah A. McLaughlin, M.D., and Sanjay P. Bagaria, M.D. in Jacksonville, Florida

Sarah A. McLaughlin, M.D., and Sanjay P. Bagaria, M.D.

We appreciate the opportunity to share with you what the General Surgery Residency at Mayo Clinic in Florida has to offer. This training program is designed to emphasize the essentials for you to become competent and confident in the practice of general surgery. We are dedicated to maximizing the educational environment for our trainees.

As program director and associate program director, we view our roles as mentors in your surgical training. Our program offers an intimate, apprenticeship model of training with small teams of residents and dedicated clinician-educators. Together, we offer high-quality, efficient patient care in an environment that encourages active learning.

Early exposure to patient care and attention to technical skill development fosters resident confidence. An in-depth simulation curriculum aids in skill proficiency. Core rotations are specifically designed to build upon one another and previously mastered skills.

Throughout the length of training, residents are supervised by general surgeons, each of whom is fellowship-trained within surgery (breast, colorectal, hepatobiliary, minimally invasive, plastics, surgical oncology and vascular). As a result, residents are exposed to all aspects of standard and complex surgical procedures. Our program emphasizes:

  • Understanding of clinical controversies
  • Application of current clinical trials and incorporation of new devices into surgical practice
  • Practice-based learning by investigating and evaluating methods of practice and using that information to improve patient care and quality metrics
  • Effective communication skills with patients, their families and other health care providers
  • Professionalism and sensitivity toward a diverse patient population
  • Application of a system-based practice that implements a multidisciplinary approach to all surgical diseases

We hope this website provides you with insight into our program. We are proud of our graduates and their accomplishments and are confident we can train you to succeed in whatever aspect of surgery you choose. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any additional questions.

Thank you for your interest in our general surgery residency.

  • Sarah A. McLaughlin, M.D.
    • General Surgery Residency Program Director
    • Associate Professor of Surgery
  • Sanjay P. Bagaria, M.D.
    • General Surgery Residency Associate Program Director
    • Associate Professor of Surgery
Nov. 28, 2017