Visiting Medical Student Clerkship Program


To continue your career development through a hands-on senior-year clinical elective and to explore residency training at Mayo Clinic.


Through the Visiting Medical Student Clerkship Program, you:

  • Learn clinical decision-making skills
  • See patients with a wide spectrum of diseases
  • Work with physicians from all medical and surgical specialties
  • Demonstrate your abilities to Mayo Clinic faculty and residency program directors

Diversity scholarship

At Mayo Clinic the promotion of cultural diversity and equal opportunity is a guiding principle and goal. The Diversity Scholarship Program encourages the participation of under-represented minorities in Mayo's visiting clerkship and residency programs. Under-represented minorities include, but are not limited to: African American, Mexican American, Mainland Puerto Rican, American Indian, Alaskan Native, Pacific Islander and members of other racial and ethnic groups considered to be under-represented in medicine and biomedical research. The scholarship award of $2,500 provides financial support for travel and housing expenses. Eligible students must be enrolled in U.S. medical schools and be U.S. citizens.

The Diversity Scholarship is available for clerkships at all three Mayo Clinic practices. During your clerkship, you'll have the opportunity to meet with the program director and residents of the residency program in which you are interested. You'll also meet with the director and program manager for diversity affairs for Mayo Clinic residency programs.

If you are interested in being considered for the Diversity Scholarship, please complete the Equal Opportunity Action and Scholarships section on the clerkship application.

For additional scholarship and award information, please visit:

Length, times and application dates

Clerkships are four weeks in length.

Clerkship period desired Application deadline
January to March October 1 of the prior year
April to June January 1 of the clerkship year
July to September April 1 of the clerkship year
October to December July 1 of the clerkship year
March 17, 2018