Diversity Programs

Minority Medical Student Career Development Programs

Mayo Clinic has valued diversity for more than 100 years. Mayo's minority medical student career development programs are designed to:

  • Interest students in careers in academic medicine
  • Enhance the diversity of Mayo's visiting clerkship and residency training programs
  • Position Mayo Clinic to better meet the needs of an increasingly diverse patient population

Participants in minority medical student career development programs gain experience through:

  • Clinical observations
  • Career development workshops
  • Patient-oriented and clinical research


The College of Medicine at Mayo Clinic considers minority individuals as including, but not limited to, members of the following groups: African American, Mexican American, Mainland Puerto Rican, American Indian, Alaska Native, Pacific Islander and members of other racial and ethnic groups considered to be underrepresented in medicine and biomedical research.

Excellence at Mayo Clinic

Diversity Programs

Mayo Clinic is internationally respected for its patient care, medical education and biomedical research. Mayo provides an atmosphere of academic inquiry and scholarship with world-class faculty and resources.

Mayo Clinic is known for excellent programs at all levels of education, including advanced residency and fellowship programs in a wide range of clinical, surgical and laboratory disciplines.

At Mayo, all are respected for their contributions and work together as an integrated team to achieve Mayo's primary mission of providing the best patient care. At Mayo, you will achieve your medical education goals in a supportive, positive and team-oriented environment.

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Oct. 17, 2016