Clinical and Translational Science

The Clinical and Translational Science Track is built upon Mayo Clinic's extensive interdisciplinary research and medical environment. It prepares graduates to lead the biomedical research teams of the future that will rapidly translate discoveries to new treatments and change the paradigms of how we conduct biomedical research.

From the didactic course work, you acquire a broad perspective on the process of taking health questions from patients or the community into the research environment, designing and executing interdisciplinary research studies, and translating the resulting discoveries into better health outcomes.

For your thesis project, you conduct an in-depth research study during which you learn discipline-specific methodology and answer a question that adds to knowledge in the field.

As a graduate of this program, you are able to conduct research leading to meaningful scientific contributions. In addition, you are prepared to change and improve how biomedical research is conceptualized and implemented.

The Clinical and Translational Science Track has special eligibility requirements. International applicants are not eligible for this program. For further information, please contact the Clinical and Translational Science Track.

The Clinical and Translational Science Track allows students to personalize their studies in one of three concentrations:

  • Population-based translational science
  • Patient-based translational science
  • Laboratory-based translational science

A great strength of Mayo Clinic's Clinical and Translational Science Track is its focus on providing mentored research experiences for each student. The preeminent physicians, scientists and educators who comprise the faculty at Mayo Clinic are available as mentors or co-mentors for students in the track.

Aug. 07, 2014