The Ph.D. Program offers seven areas of specialization, known as tracks.

As all the tracks have adopted the core curriculum, you can easily change from your initial track to another without losing time.


Focus areas

Biochemistry and structural biology, cell biology and genetics, cancer biology

Biomechanics, biomedical imaging, molecular biophysics, physiology

Laboratory-based, patient-based and population-based translational science

Mechanisms of immunity and inflammation, immune-mediated disease, vaccines and immune-based therapies, regenerative immunity

Cancer biology and therapy, regenerative medicine, pharmacogenomics and genetics, drug discovery, neurobiology and genetics of addiction, cardiovascular biology and therapy

Neurodegeneration, neuroregeneration, neurogenetics, neuroengineering, neuroimaging

Molecular biology of viruses, mechanisms of virus-host interactions, gene therapy, oncolytic virotherapy, cancer immunotherapy, vaccine development, tissue and genetic engineering using viruses

July 25, 2018