Biomedical research at Mayo Clinic includes strong programs in basic, translational, clinical and epidemiological research. Many research centers and programs have ties to education, clinical practice or both, and most Mayo medical staff participate in some research activity.

This team-based approach ensures that patients benefit from the most up-to-date knowledge and technology, while investigators and trainees gain the opportunity to conduct research with immediate, real-world results.

Key factors that distinguish Mayo Clinic research include:

  • Collaborative environment to share resources and ideas. While each Mayo Clinic investigator has a competitively funded independent laboratory, active collaborations with other research groups within the institution and other research centers are common.
  • Outstanding core laboratories and facilities. Mayo Clinic has more than 50 research centers, programs and core laboratories and more than 356,000 square feet of research laboratory space.
  • Access to clinical data for translational research. Researchers have access to invaluable clinical data from more than 6 million patient histories from Mayo Clinic's premier clinical practice.
  • Centralized research resource coordination. Research resources are coordinated through centralized research administration, so investigations can proceed quickly and efficiently. Individual labs and investigators need not spend precious research time with administrative activities.
  • Scientific publication services. The Section of Scientific Publications, which serves as the in-house editorial office for Mayo Clinic scientific publications, can advise and assist faculty and students at all stages of writing and publishing.

Facts and figures (2016)


  • Full-time scientific faculty: 332
  • Physicians actively involved in research: 758
  • Full-time research personnel: 3,120


  • Core research laboratories: 24
  • Research laboratory space: 372,157 square feet
  • Total research space: 952,605 square feet

Studies, publications and grants

  • Active Institutional Review Board-approved human research studies: More than 11,000
  • New Institutional Review Board-approved human research studies: 2,937
  • Research and review articles in peer-reviewed journals: More than 7,600
  • Active grants and contracts: 4,815


  • Mayo funds and benefactor gifts: $290.5 million
  • Federal and state (includes National Institutes of Health): $297.1 million
  • Industry: $89.4 million
  • Other extramural: $33.3 million
  • Total: $710.3 million
June 28, 2017