Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester, Minnesota, was established in 1864 by Dr. William Worrall Mayo and his sons, Drs. William J. Mayo and Charles H. Mayo. Together, they pioneered the integrated group practice, where physician specialists and other health care professionals work as a team to meet patients' needs.

Through its sustained commitment to coordinated care in service of the patient, Mayo Clinic has established itself as a world-renowned medical and surgical practice. The clinic is esteemed not only for the effectiveness of its group practice but also for the compassion and caring nature of its staff.

Physicians, scientists and trainees from around the globe travel to Mayo Clinic to learn new techniques and practices. Likewise, hundreds of thousands of patients and their families travel across the nation and the world for diagnosis and treatment at Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester every year. As a result, the Rochester area, with a population of just more than 125,000, welcomes about 2.75 million visitors every year.

The Mayo Clinic campus in downtown Rochester comprises numerous facilities, with the Gonda Building and Mayo Building at the heart, connected through an extensive network of pedestrian skyways and subways.

Classrooms, lecture halls and computer labs are housed in the Siebens Building and Mitchell Student Center, which is also home to the state-of-the-art Learning Resource Center. Mayo's medical library system is one of the largest in the world. Extensive basic and translational research activities in Rochester take place in the 20-story Guggenheim Building, the Stabile Building and the Medical Sciences Building.

Inpatient and outpatient services in virtually every specialty are offered at Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester, which includes the Saint Marys campus (founded in 1889) and Methodist campus (dedicated in 1966). Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester is fully integrated into the clinical, educational and research practices of the clinic, and students and trainees gain essential clinical care experience at both facilities.

June 28, 2017