About Mayo Clinic

"The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered." Dr. William J. Mayo so defined Mayo Clinic's core value in 1910, and since then, Mayo Clinic staff and trainees have demonstrated their commitment to living out this principle with each patient every day.

In always putting the needs of the patient first, Mayo Clinic has developed a unique culture of teamwork and cooperation that unifies the realms of clinical care, education and research. The integration of these three areas is symbolized by the three interlocking shields of the Mayo Clinic logo.

In day-to-day practice, continuous collaboration between researchers, educators and clinicians enables Mayo Clinic to maintain a world-renowned standard of excellence.

Dr. Charles H. Mayo, Dr. W.W. Mayo, Dr. William J. Mayo

Mayo Clinic's dedication to collaborative care in service of the patient has produced a dynamic environment for educating new physicians. At Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, trainees learn from consulting physicians at the very top of their fields, in a model based on the principle that the most effective education comes from a combination of scholarship and practice.

Here, you are encouraged and expected to become a contributing member of the health care team, and are facilitated in your success through a system of structured mentorship and a culture of mutual respect.

June 01, 2016