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Transform addresses tough questions, focuses on results and engages attendees to catalyze practical innovation for health and health care. Sessions increase understanding of the problems we all face, identify opportunities we all have today, and inspire action during a time of uncertainty and change for health care.

Connect at the Forum

Back by popular demand, the Forum is once again the on-site social hub for Transform 2014 throughout the three days of the symposium. Here, you can meet people who are changing health care — engage, collaborate, eat, relax and see innovative work from the Transform community. Can't be here in person? Join TransForum, our online community.

Sunday, Sept. 7, 2014

Facing the Facts (Paradigms)

Myth Busters

We'll kick off the Transform symposium with a panel discussion of renowned experts. They'll provide a reality check by busting through the myths that are holding back progress and identifying common ground for making better decisions about the future of health and health care.


We're not kidding. Transform's opening evening will inform, entertain and, above all, inspire you to new heights. You don't want to miss this!

Monday, Sept. 8, 2014

Change Agents (Catalysts)


True change can only occur when we delve into the causes and effects impacting health care. Day two of Transform will begin with the identification of relationships and behaviors within health care, creating a greater understanding of people, families and communities that will form a solid foundation for change.

Change Agents

Innovation in health care doesn't always look like what we expect. Hear from the unexpected change agents we are surrounded by every day.

Elephant in the Room

The potential for progress is limited if we don't address critical topics that aren't typically discussed. In past years, this renowned session at Transform has dealt with issues such as suicide and violence. Transform 2014 will introduce another topic impacting health that our society seems to be tiptoeing around and pretending it isn't the larger problem that it is.


The relationships between people, providers and payers are changing, creating new models for the future. Join us as we collectively reveal the new opportunities evolving through honest dialog.

Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014

Innovation Now (Impact)


If they aren't implemented, good ideas are only — ideas. What does it take to get the job done?

Paradigm Shifts

Looking through new lenses helps us discover opportunities to meet people "where they are" for healthier lives.


Thinking differently to overcome the momentum of the familiar.


Taking the bold steps that are needed during a time of national uncertainty and change.

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