Photo of Transform 2014 panel discussion
Photo of Transform 2014 small-group discussion
Transform 2013 attendee
"Smart, energizing, inspirational — a good blend of big ideas and practical examples."

Top: Tim Brown during the Rebuild session. Just above: Attendees chat with Transform 2013 speakers Gary Slutkin, M.D., and David Herman, M.D. Right: Nancy Snyderman, M.D., during the Unraveling session. Far right: Participants in the hands-on workshop "How Can Comics Help Us Understand Health?" Below: Peter Nicks talking about his film "The Waiting Room" during the Insights session.

Photo of Nancy Snyderman, M.D. Photo of Transform 2014 breakout session
Photo of Peter Nicks
Photo of Transform 2014 breakout session
David J. Erickson, Ph.D., Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
"At first, I was a bit surprised that someone who works in community development finance for the Federal Reserve would be asked to attend Transform at Mayo Clinic, but I'm glad I went — what a fascinating collection of people from many different sectors all contributing their ideas on how to improve the health of the nation."

Above: OpenIDEO-Mayo Clinic Healthy Aging and Independent Living Consortium design challenge "How Can We Thrive As We Age?" Right: Exploring how comics can help us communicate. Far right: Barbara Spurrier, administrator, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation. Just below: Science Sunday panel discussion. Bottom: Exchanging ideas at the Target Simplicity Challenge.

Photo of Transform 2014 breakout session Photo of Barbara Spurrier
Photo of Transform 2014 Science Sunday session
Amy Tenderich, DiabetesMine
"Thank you for another excellent experience at Transform! I so enjoyed visiting the expanded Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation as well."
Photo of Transform 2014 lobby area
Transform 2013 attendee
"Keep pushing into what matters … not just what to do. What really matters."
  • Feb 28, 2014
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