Third Annual Minnesota Biomedical Nanotechnology Workshop

November 10, 2006

Program Directors:

Bringing together researchers from academia and industry, the goal of this workshop was to advance current research projects and to identify future collaborations in the nascent field of nanobiotechnology. This gathering included core Minnesota researchers from private industry; the Institute of Technology; the Academic Health Center; and the College of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, and the Cancer Center at Mayo Clinic. This group of diverse scientists is key to the design, development, and implementation of nanotechnology and nanoscience for new therapeutics and detection methods towards addressing important medical challenges such as the challenge of treating and ultimately eliminating cancer.

This symposium was well attended with over 150 registrants. Speakers included leaders in the field such as Drs. Vincent Rotello, Thomas Webster, and Mostafa El-Sayed and Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota researchers. Grassroots workshops, such as this and Northern Nano, have been successful simply because they have brought the nano community together to share ideas, provide a network of professional contacts, and have broadened the horizon of what 'nanobio' may really mean in our future.