Accuracy of Ultrasound Guided Versus Unguided Intra-articular Knee Injections in a Difficult to Inject Population


Rochester, Minn.

Trial status:

Open for Enrollment

Why is this study being done?

To determine the accuracy of unguided versus ultrasound (US) guided knee joint injections in obese patients with no clinically detectable effusion.

Who is eligible to participate?

Inclusion Criteria - BMI > 30 - No clinically detectable knee effusion - Clinical or radiographic evidence of knee osteoarthritis or inflammatory arthritis - Must be referred to the Pain Clinic for treatment Exclusion Criteria - History of surgery on the affected knee - Evidence of untreated systemic infection or systemic immunocompromise - Evidence of cutaneous infections near the study knee injection site - Patients on warfarin with an INR > 3.0 - Patients on oral antiplatelet or anticoagulant medications will be excluded if they have documented evidence of renal insufficiency (GFR < 60) - History of iodinated contrast allergy or significant reaction to corticosteroids or lidocaine

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