Cochlear Implantation Among Adults and Older Children With Unilateral or Asymmetric Hearing Loss


Rochester, Minn.

Trial status:

Open for Enrollment

Why is this study being done?

Do adults and older children (greater than 7 years of age) with unilateral or assymetric hearing loss benefit from cochlear implantation on the worst hearing side.

Who is eligible to participate?

Adults - 18 years of age or older, - Hearing loss in the ear to be implanted must such that speech understanding is not possible with a well fitted hearing aid. Specifically, less than 40% monosyllabic word understanding when that ear is tested in the best-aided condition and the other ear is sufficiently occluded or masked. - Onset of hearing loss in the adult group must be within the past two years for the ear to be implanted. Children - Children 7 years of age and older - Hearing loss in the ear to be implanted configured such that word understanding is less 40% in the best aided condition - Onset of hearing loss recent within the past two years, and that occurred after the critical period of auditory development; the third year of life (Sharma et al., 2005).

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