Biospecimen Resource for Familial Pancreas Research, a Data and Tissue Registry (Also Known as a Bio-repository, Bio-bank, Data and Tissue Database, Data and Tissue Bank, Etc.) to Help Advance Research in Familial Pancreas Disease


Rochester, Minn.

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Open for Enrollment

Why is this study being done?

OBJECTIVES: - To collect clinical history, family history, and blood and/or tissue samples from family members of patients diagnosed with pancreatic diseases, pancreatic cancer, or melanoma. - To learn whether inherited factors increase the risk of pancreatic diseases, pancreatic cancer, or other cancers. OUTLINE: Study participants undergo collection of blood and/or tissue samples as well as survey data for inclusion in a familial data and tissue registry. Participants complete two baseline surveys regarding their personal, family, health, and environmental exposure histories and regarding their opinions on cancer and cancer screening. Patients also complete a follow-up survey at 1 year and undergo review of their medical records.

Who is eligible to participate?

DISEASE CHARACTERISTICS: - Meets 1 of the following criteria: - Has at least 2 blood relatives with pancreatic cancer (both must be related) - Has at least 1 blood relative with pancreatic cancer and 1 with melanoma (both must be related) PATIENT CHARACTERISTICS: - Mentally competent and able to provide informed consent - Able to understand and read English PRIOR CONCURRENT THERAPY: - Not specified

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