Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Program and USA Hockey have recently developed a Catastrophic Injury Registry for Ice Hockey. Our goal is to capture information on all catastrophic and potentially catastrophic injuries at all levels of ice hockey so that we can follow-up with the injured parties, and appropriately catalogue their injury experience for USA Hockey.


Rochester, Minn.

Trial status:

Open for Enrollment

Why is this study being done?

The purpose of this USA Hockey registry is to collect information on the prevalence of catastrophic injuries for both genders in youth, high school, junior, college, national program, adult amateur, minor league, and professional ice hockey in the United States. The goal is to design and maintain a comprehensive registry of catastrophic injuries in ice hockey that will be the primary source of catastrophic ice hockey injury data in the United States. The registry will provide data to support potential rule and equipment changes.

Who is eligible to participate?

Eligible participants are those that meet the following definitional criteria:        A catastrophic injury is defined as any ailment occurring during ice hockey participation (youth, high school, junior, college, national program, adult amateur, minor league and professional) that results in death, cranial fracture, spine fracture or dislocation with spinal cord involvement, complex concussion with permanent cognitive deficit and eye injury with permanent visual impairment/blindness or a permanent disability resulting in a substantial reduction of physical ability.        A potentially catastrophic injury includes spine fractures/dislocations without spinal cord involvement, lacerations with involvement of arteries, veins or nerves (including neck lacerations), internal organ rupture/laceration (spleen, liver etc.), and eye injury with transient visual impairment, occurring during ice hockey participation. This determination shall be based on the circumstances of the injury and the assessment of the qualified medical professional in that instance.

What is involved?

This registry will provide a valuable resource for analyzing types of injuries and their influences. Factors such as mechanism of injury, level of player participation, position, rule violations at time of injury, volitional intent, and equipment or lack of at time of injury will be analyzed as numbers accrue.

How long is the study?

One to three follow-up phone calls from a study coordinator.

Daniel V. Gaz, study coordinator, 507-266-1014
Michael J. Stuart, M.D., principal investigator

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