Educational Offerings

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An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a communication method that works by facilitating and engaging intrinsic motivation to assist a client with desired behavior change. MI is a goal-oriented, client-centered counseling style for eliciting behavior change by helping clients explore and resolve ambivalence.

This one-day training will include an overview of MI and provide an introduction to the concepts and skills of using MI. Completing this training will prepare the learner for additional MI study and practice, and to begin integrating it into their work. As with most skills, in order to become competent, ongoing study and practice is recommended.

In this training, participants will learn the three structural elements used for learning Motivational Interviewing (Spirit, Principles and Techniques). The training will incorporate some combination of lecture and skills practice using various breakout activities, case studies, role play, and real play.

Courses are held in Rochester, Minn. The course may be provided at your location upon request.

Online Course — Connecting with Patients for Tobacco Free Living

This is a 3.5 hour interactive distance education program available online. Educational content based upon actual cases is delivered through brief illustrative videos, self-guided selection activities, a voice-over slide presentation and interactive and animated exercises. The course is designed to engage the learner to recognize and select the most effective intervention elements and to integrate these best practices into clinical and educational practice.

  • Continuing Education Hours: 3.5 CEH for Mayo Clinic Wellness Coaches and Tobacco Treatment Specialist
  • Cost: $75.00
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Online Course — Creativity and Curiosity

Creativity and Curiosity is an online mini course utilizing Blackboard Learn. Students may take this course at their own pace and leisure. There are no prerequisites or special criteria for participants, and it can be accessed on a Windows or Macintosh computer.

The course is designed for people who work with clients and patients for health behavior change. It will explore the work of Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D., director of the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania and founder of positive psychology. The course entails reading two brief articles and visiting Dr. Seligman’s website. Completing a brief quiz will confirm your eligibility to receive a Continuing Education Hours (CEH) certificate.


  1. Discuss Dr. Seligman's work in positive psychology and the resources available for Wellness Coaches and other professionals at Authentic Happiness.
  2. Define the strengths of Creativity and Curiosity, and explore with clients ways to build these strengths and use them more often in daily life.
  • Continuing Education Hours: 2 CEH toward recertification for Mayo Clinic Wellness Coaches; 1 CEH toward recertification for Mayo Clinic Tobacco Treatment Specialists
  • Cost: $40.00 (standard registration)
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Additional Information

For more information on educational opportunities, please contact the Nicotine Education Program at 507-266-1093 or toll-free, 1-800-344 5984.