James C. Presley, M.D.

Scholarly activity

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  • Presley JC, et al. The contribution of medial elbow structures to joint stability determined by stress ultrasound and surgical sectioning in cadavers (reviewing Ciccotti et al. Stress ultrasound evaluation of medial elbow instability in a cadaveric model. American Journal of Sports Medicine. 2014;42:2463). Sports Review Journal. 2015;1:13.
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Why physical medicine and rehabilitation at Mayo Clinic?

Mayo Clinic is truly a unique place. When I accepted the interview here, I was familiar with the Mayo name but had no idea what to expect. I can honestly say that I have been impressed from the second I got off the plane in Rochester. The academic environment is unequaled. You are surrounded by some of the world's best and brightest and yet everyone makes you feel welcome.

I believe this is an outstanding environment for learning, and the Mayo PM&R department has been a perfect fit for me. I have strong interests in sports medicine and musculoskeletal and neuroanatomy. The curriculum at Mayo affords me the opportunity to pursue those interests as well as provides outstanding mentors in all fields of PM&R.

I was also fortunate enough to do my internship in internal medicine here at Mayo and I cannot imagine any environment where I could have learned more. I have nothing but good things to say about my Mayo experience. Even in my medicine internship, I was able to spend time pursuing my research interests in PM&R.

Personal interests and hobbies

  • Distance running
  • Physical fitness, including strength training
  • Collegiate and NFL football (LSU Tigers and New Orleans Saints)
  • NBA basketball
  • Fishing (mostly bass but anything will do)
Feb. 12, 2016