Volunteers in Medicine – Florida

Mayo Clinic physicians and advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNPs) provide care to uninsured working people at the Volunteers in Medicine Clinic in downtown Jacksonville.

Operating since 2003, the clinic has served over 2,000 patients, who receive free care and laboratory services. This is a collaborative effort involving physicians, nurses and health systems from the Jacksonville community.

Patients with abnormal screening mammograms are enrolled in the Mayo Clinic Breast Diagnostic Study with the goal of prompt resolution. Those who are diagnosed with breast cancer are offered treatment at Mayo Clinic Cancer Center or possibly participation in a clinical trial.

Breast Diagnostic Study

In an effort to fill a significant gap in the breast care of underserved women, physicians and nurses at Mayo Clinic's campus in Jacksonville, Fla., in collaboration with the Northeast Florida Department of Health conducted research into discovering the barriers that prevent women from receiving timely care after an abnormal mammogram.

Since 2001, Mayo Clinic has served more than 500 patients with abnormal screening mammograms requiring additional breast diagnostic studies as part of an ongoing IRB-approved clinical trial.

This ongoing program continues to provide underserved women in Northeast Florida access to receive screening mammograms and follow-up care.

Dec. 07, 2011