Learning through simulation

Simulation-based medical education provides a controlled environment that imitates a real-life patient care setting. In a simulated situation, learners master skills without putting patients at risk.

Simulation offers many advantages, including:

  • Realistic problem-based instruction
  • Consistent, reproducible scenarios for standardized training
  • Error-forgiving clinical experiences that enhance patient safety
  • Supervised instruction in life-threatening events management
  • Scenarios tailored to each learner's educational level
  • Interactive environments with real-time feedback
  • Experience with uncommon scenarios
  • Practice with crisis resource management procedures

About the Mayo Clinic Multidisciplinary Simulation Centers

The Mayo Clinic Multidisciplinary Simulation Centers transform clinical medical education by helping educators develop, implement and evaluate experiential curricula that advance patient care.

Our simulation centers represent a living collaborative between all specialties and health care professions at Mayo Clinic, where the needs of the patient come first. It is through this lens — to best serve our patients — that our simulation centers work to fully realize the benefits of simulation-based education, practice and research opportunities.

Medical simulation has important lessons and applications for all involved in the risk-laden environment of health care. It provides the ideal environment for teaching health care teams how to care for patients. By being allowed to make mistakes, learners can see the effects of those mistakes without harming patients. Simulation makes the learning environment come alive.

Medical centers of excellence must rise to the challenges of both demonstrated competence and scholarly analysis of efficacy via scientific methods, including the use of simulation in medical education.

Mayo Clinic has applied its renowned collaborative practice model to explore and advance simulation education across specialties and professional roles to better educate practitioners. The Mayo simulation center staff periodically analyzes its scenario outcomes to make the learning environment more effective and expansive.

We encourage external customers and industry partners to collaborate with us to make our services available to those outside of our clinic.

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Nov. 01, 2016