• Mayo Clinic Multidisciplinary Simulation Centers offer three types of simulated "experiential learning" via standardized patients (actors); virtual reality task trainers and high-tech manikins.

Learning Through Simulation

Simulation-based medical education provides a controlled environment that imitates a real-life patient care setting. In a simulated situation, learners master skills without putting patients at risk. Simulation offers many advantages, including:

  • Realistic problem-based instruction
  • Consistent, reproducible scenarios for standardized training
  • Error-forgiving clinical experience that enhances patient safety
  • Supervised instruction in life-threatening events management
  • Scenarios tailored to each learner's educational level
  • Experience with uncommon scenarios
  • Practice with crisis resource management procedures

Mayo Clinic Multidisciplinary Simulation Centers staff members periodically analyze scenario outcomes to make the learning environment more effective and expansive.

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