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Mayo Libraries

Mayo Libraries

The Mayo Clinic medical library system is among the largest in the world, containing more than 400,000 bound volumes and 5,000 current medical, health-care and scientific journals. The libraries provide students with comprehensive information resources and services.

Libraries on all three Mayo campuses offer advanced electronic systems allowing you to search and retrieve information from more than 3,500 e-journals and 100 e-books. You can perform medical and health-care literature searches from most of the thousands of networked computers throughout Mayo's campuses.

The Library home page provides quick access to several resourceful medical and scientific databases on each campus. An extensive document delivery system for traditional format materials allows documents to quickly arrive through fax or FedEx and now via EDD — electronic document delivery.

In addition, reference librarians are available to arrange interlibrary loans and give advice on how to use Mayo's high-speed access to the Internet, Medline and other database services. Copiers are available for student use in all libraries.

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