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Wellness Coach

Note: The Wellness Coach Training course is no longer offered through Mayo School of Health Sciences. The course has now become one of the separate trainings administered through the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center Education Program. The move of the course away from Mayo School of Health Sciences means that the three graduate credits will not be available to students who enroll in the course.

Program description

The Mayo Clinic Wellness Coaching Program includes two components: training and certification. The Wellness Coach Training is an 11-session (12 weeks) graduate-level course provided as a combination of online and on-site learning opportunities. The Wellness Coach Certification is an optional process that students may complete once they have successfully completed the Wellness Coach Training.

The Wellness Coach Training prepares students to work as wellness coaches within diverse settings by:

  • Combining online and on-site learning that maximizes potential for individual growth
  • Providing opportunities for group interaction and practice
  • Respecting individual needs via a flexible training schedule

All sessions are offered online with the exception of Session 3, which is taught on-site at a 2.5-day workshop at Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester, Minnesota. Weekly classes are provided using the Blackboard Learning Management System, an online learning platform, and course work is completed on a flexible schedule. The on-site training provides an opportunity to observe, practice and demonstrate practical coaching skills.

The last session (Session 11) is delivered via a prescheduled group teleconference with all class students and an instructor. Upon successful completion of the Wellness Coach Training, students will receive a certificate of completion. Students are then eligible to apply for Wellness Coach Certification. Both components are offered through the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center.


Bachelor's degree; an associate degree in a health care-related field with current license to practice may also be considered.


  • Mayo Clinic Wellness Coaching Program
    • Jennifer S. Packard, M.A.
    • Program Director
    • 200 First St. SW
      Rochester, MN 55905
    • Phone: 507-266-1093
    • Email:

Students who graduated before Dec. 31, 2014: Contact Mayo School of Health Sciences for transcript requests by completing the transcript request form and submitting to:

  • Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
    • Registrar's Office
    • Siebens Building, Fifth Floor
      200 First St. SW
      Rochester, MN 55905
    • Fax: 507-266-5298
  • Nov 12, 2014
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