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Application Process


Mayo School of Health Sciences accepts up to 20 candidates each year for the Surgical First Assistant Program at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota on a competitive basis. The program begins in August.

How to apply

Applications and supporting documentation must be received before April 1 of the year the applicant wishes to begin classes. Additional documentation officially required upon appointment needs to be postmarked by June 1.

  1. Online application. Complete the online Application for Admission along with an essay and a minimum of two letters of recommendation. After you sign in to the Apply Yourself tool, please select Application for Admission.
  2. Official transcripts. Please submit official transcripts to:

    • Nicole A. Schiller
      • Mayo School of Health Sciences
        Siebens Building, 11th Floor
        200 First St. SW
        Rochester, MN 55905
  3. Interviews. The selection committee carefully reviews each application. Individuals considered for an appointment are interviewed on campus by the application committee.
  4. Acceptance. Appointment letters are mailed in late April. Replies are requested in two weeks.
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