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GateWay Community College develops and facilitates the curriculum and didactic instruction for the Radiation Therapy programs. Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale and other clinical affiliates, provide clinical experiences for the program.

You will begin with two days of clinical instruction and then build to four days by the final semester of the program. During monthly rotations, you will be under the supervision of qualified radiation therapists and gain experience in all areas of radiation oncology.

Didactic instruction is given on the days when no clinical experience is scheduled. GateWay Community College develops and publishes the didactic class listing for the program.

Grading or Evaluation
Mayo School of Health Sciences uses student evaluative tools that include:

  • Written examination
  • Demonstration of skills
  • Self-assessment exercises
  • Faculty reviews

Our system of evaluation provides students and faculty with a comprehensive look at individual performance. This allows faculty and administrative staff to direct students who are experiencing academic difficulty to the appropriate support resources, including tutoring programs and counseling opportunities.

Curriculum Enhancements
Mayo School of Health Sciences is committed to developing and maintaining the very best education programs. Changes may be made to the curriculum and other aspects of this program as necessary to assure the highest-quality training.

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