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Pharmacy Internship (Minnesota)

Mayo School of Health Sciences at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., offers a salaried 10-week Pharmacy Internship in either the hospital/inpatient or clinic/outpatient setting. These comprehensive, educational pharmacy internships will provide in-depth exposure to pharmaceutical services to help you explore pharmacy as a career.

Experiences based in the hospital setting will include unit dosing and compounded sterile product admixture. Experiences based in the clinic setting will include patient counseling, compounding and dispensing. Both programs will incorporate mini-rotations to acquaint you with specialty practices with the hospital and outpatient clinic settings.


See accreditation information for Mayo Clinic College of Medicine.


The Mayo Clinic campus in Rochester, Minn., includes an extensive outpatient complex, Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester, and substantial research and education facilities.

This Mayo Clinic site is among the largest, most advanced medical centers in the world.

Hospital pharmacy

Mayo Clinic's Department of Pharmacy Services employs nearly 450 people, including approximately 200 pharmacists. The pharmacies operate 24 hours a day and provide pharmaceutical services that include:

  • Central pharmacy distribution
  • Computerized intravenous admixture and unit dose dispensing
  • Investigational drug studies
  • Decentralized pharmacist practice
  • Pharmacokinetic monitoring
  • Patient education programs
  • Clinical pharmacy specialty practices
  • Drug information programs
  • In-service education
  • Pharmacy, therapeutics and formulary committee support
  • Physician newsletters

Mayo Clinic uses a computer-based pharmaceutical care (P-Care) monitoring system. P-Care integrates data from disparate computer systems, including pharmacy, admissions, laboratory and microbiology.

Computerized algorithms utilize this data to alert pharmacists to potential situations where therapy, safety or costs can be improved. Performing daily pharmaceutical care duties, P-Care is used to:

  • Provide patient demographic data, laboratory data, microbiology data, medications, parenteral nutrition information and drug levels while on team rounds, during order processing and during medication profile review.
  • Identify patients whose medication therapy requires a pharmacist's daily review.
  • Identify and review treatments that are inconsistent with established medication rule-based algorithms.
  • Document pharmacist-performed clinical activities, interventions and monitoring notes.
  • Provide a forum for pharmacists, pharmacy residents and pharmacy students to communicate pertinent patient-specific, medication-related issues.

Outpatient pharmacy

Mayo Clinic's outpatient pharmacies employ about 200 people, including approximately 60 pharmacists. The pharmacies operate seven days a week and provide a variety of pharmaceutical services, including:

  • Patient counseling
  • Pharmacy specialty practices
  • Investigational drug studies
  • Patient education programs
  • Prescription compounding
  • Drug information programs
  • In-service education
  • Pharmacy and therapeutics formulary committee support

Mayo Clinic utilizes two computer programs, MICS LastWord and Synthesis, to document patient care. Information contained in these systems includes patient demographics, provider notes from each appointment, provider orders (including prescription orders), laboratory and microbiology results, patient allergies, immunization records, and upcoming appointments. Pharmacists at Mayo Clinic utilize this information to assist in their management of a patient's medication therapy.


Minnesota Board of Pharmacy internship hours are provided.


Your learning schedule will include eight-hour days, five days a week. Interns selected for the hospital program should expect to provide second-shift (evening hours) and weekend coverage.


Each year, Mayo School of Health Sciences admits up to eight students in its Pharmacy Internship Hospital/Inpatient Program and up to five students in its Pharmacy Internship Clinic/Outpatient Program at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. This ensures you will receive a comprehensive educational experience with extensive one-on-one instruction.

Typically, this program accepts applications beginning in November through mid-January. The program begins in mid-to-late May.

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