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Tuition and Financial Aid

Note: As of December 2013, the final Master of Nurse Anesthesia Program class has been filled, but we encourage you to apply for the Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNAP) Program.

Tuition and fees

For 2015-2016, Master of Nurse Anesthesia Program tuition is $650 per credit. There are 47 billable credits in the program.

Tuition is billed on a semester basis and paid to Mayo School of Health Sciences. Tuition is subject to change. Contact the program at 507-284-8331 for more information.

Books for the program cost approximately $1,400.

Living expenses

You are responsible for your living accommodations and transportation.

Outside work

Outside employment during the program is not encouraged. Employment as a nurse anesthetist while a student in our program is forbidden.

Financial aid

Mayo School of Health Sciences offers financial incentives for students to participate in some of its health sciences training programs. Scholarships, grants and low-interest loans may be available for those who demonstrate financial need.

The Office of Student Financial Aid can provide more details about financial aid or incentives offered for the Master of Nurse Anesthesia Program.

  • Jan 16, 2015
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