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Application Process


Eight to 10 candidates are selected each year for the Nuclear Medicine Technology Program on a competitive basis. Classes begin the first Tuesday in September.

How to apply

You must submit your application after Nov. 1 and before Jan. 21 prior to your September start date. Your application and all supporting documentation must be received by Jan. 21 of the year you wish to begin classes.

Candidates should apply using this process:

  1. Online application. Complete the online Application for Admission. A nonrefundable $50 application fee is payable by credit card via the online application.
  2. Supporting documentation. Submit these materials:
    • Transcripts. These must be official transcripts from all educational institutions you attended after high school, including all credits from colleges or universities and grades from your most recent quarter or semester.

      Transcripts may be sent directly to Mayo School of Health Sciences from the school and must include an embossed seal. If, however, they are sent to you first, include the transcripts with your application in their original unopened envelopes.

    • Letters of recommendation. Submit two letters of recommendation — one each from an educational reference and a work reference. Letters should be submitted as part of the online application. If necessary, letters completed off-line must follow the same format as if completed online and be mailed in a signed, sealed envelope.

  3. Please send the required materials that are not completed online, plus any transcripts not sent directly to Mayo School of Health Sciences, in one envelope to:

    • Mayo School of Health Sciences
      • Nuclear Medicine
        Siebens Building, 11th Floor
        200 First St. SW
        Rochester, MN 55905
  4. Interviews. Applicants considered for an appointment are invited to visit Mayo Clinic for a personal interview with the program director and program's admissions committee. An interview can be arranged only when your application file is complete.

    During the interview, you meet the other candidates and receive materials about Mayo Clinic and Rochester, Minnesota. Current students give a tour of Mayo's nuclear medicine facilities.

  5. Acceptance. Appointment letters are mailed approximately March 10. A written acceptance letter is requested within 10 days.
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