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Tuition and Financial Aid

Costs for the program are similar for students enrolled in the certificate option and the Bachelor of Science in Health Professions (BSHP) option through University of Minnesota Rochester (UMR).

Students enrolled in the certificate option pay tuition and apply for financial aid through Mayo School of Health Sciences, while students enrolled in the BSHP option pay tuition and apply for financial aid through UMR.

Certificate option: Arizona

See the cost of attendance for Echocardiography Program students at the Arizona campus.

Certificate option: Minnesota, and other affiliated bachelor's degree programs

For 2016-2017, program tuition is $511 per credit. There are 66 credits in the program. The estimated tuition and fees for the full program is $33,726.

Other mandatory expenses

  • $600 — books
  • $120 — uniforms
  • $135 — lab supplies
  • $150 — clinical fee
  • $200 — registration for Minnesota Society of Diagnostic Ultrasound Annual Spring Seminar

Total estimated cost of attendance

  • $33,726 — tuition and fees
  • $1,205 — other program expenses
  • $34,931 — total estimated cost of attendance*

*Program tuition rates, fees and related expenses are subject to change. These estimated expenses represent a good faith effort to disclose true costs of attendance.

Living expenses

Living expenses such as transportation, housing and meals are not paid to the school. However, these expenses are considered for purposes of processing financial aid, where applicable.

Financial aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid can provide more details about financial aid or incentives offered for the Echocardiography Program.

BSHP option

For students interested in the BSHP option, information about tuition, fees and financial aid is available on the UMR website. Students enrolled in the program may find it difficult to hold outside employment and are therefore encouraged to avoid it if possible.

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