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Clinical Research

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NOTE:The CRC degree and diploma programs are managed by Mayo Clinic's Center for Translational Science Activities (CTSA). This link takes you to program information on the CTSA Web site.

Field description

Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) are responsible for the organization, coordination, and overall integrity of a research project with humans. Principal and co-investigators provide the overall direction in a clinical study, but CRCs have significant roles in the following clinical study activities:

  • Protocol development
  • Recruiting, screening and enrolling participants
  • Obtaining participant informed consent
  • Scheduling tests and procedures
  • Collection of clinical research data
  • Ensuring accuracy of documentation
  • Dispensing study medications
  • Managing the use of investigational devices
  • Maintaining databases

CRCs enjoy a dynamic and challenging job that offers a host of opportunities for growth and career development. CRCs can complete an academic program and earn an Associate in Applied Science degree or a diploma. Clinical Research coordinators can participate in many Continuing Education and training program courses. These programs provide skill-based training, exceptional professional development opportunities, and hands-on experience needed to create a well-rounded, fully competent CRC.

Career opportunities

The emerging industry of clinical research has significantly increased the demand for Clinical Research Coordinators. Graduates are employed in academic medical centers, industry (drug and device), clinical research organizations and private research organizations in the following roles:

  • Clinical Research Coordinators
  • Protocol Development Coordinators
  • RN Study Coordinators
  • Data Abstractors

Earning potential

Typical annual starting salary for a full-time Clinical Research Coordinator is $37,000. Senior coordinators and those in leadership roles can expect to earn upwards of $68,000. Salary is dependent upon location and employer.

Professional organizations

Visit the following Web sites to learn more about a rewarding career in Clinical Research Coordination:

  • ART353676