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The Audiology Externship consists of comprehensive clinical training, which includes:

  • Audiologic evaluations
  • Vestibular assessment and therapy
  • Auditory electrophysiology
  • Hearing aid dispensing
  • Adult aural rehabilitation
  • Cochlear implants

You will gain experience in the many facets of an active audiology practice. Close and positive relationships with otolaryngologists offer a unique learning environment.

Practice management

During this time, you will acquire a thorough understanding of departmental philosophy and mission, and skills to identify and solve practice problems using policy development. You will learn the elements of performance improvement and participate in the process through departmental initiatives especially as they relate to patient safety.


You will have the opportunity to participate in a monthly teleconference with audiologists from Mayo Clinic in Rochester and Jacksonville as research and clinical cases are presented.

In addition, a monthly multidisciplinary vestibular conference allows further education and integration. The Section of Audiology, in combination with the otolaryngology staff, also meets monthly for a journal group to discuss current research literature in their fields of interest.

Grading or evaluation

Mayo School of Health Sciences uses evaluative tools that include:

  • Written examination
  • Demonstration of skills
  • Self-assessment exercises
  • Faculty reviews

Our system of evaluation provides students and faculty with a comprehensive look at individual performance, allowing students who are experiencing academic difficulty to be directed to appropriate support resources, including tutoring programs and counseling opportunities.

Curriculum enhancements

Mayo School of Health Sciences is committed to developing and maintaining the very best education programs. Changes may be made to the curriculum and other aspects of this program as necessary to assure the highest-quality training.

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