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Surgery, Plastic (Minnesota)


Students function as members of the plastic surgery services on the Saint Marys campus and Methodist campus at Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester. The student becomes an integral part of one of the three services, acting as a sub-intern. The student is involved in surgical procedures, evaluates patients in the outpatient clinic, is involved in rounds and occasionally takes call with one of the plastic surgery residents.

Specific goals

  1. Achieve a basic level of understanding of plastic surgery disease processes, procedures, and pre- and post-operative care
  2. Gain a basic level of training in suturing techniques and in sterile procedures around the operating room
  3. Learn basic principles of wound healing and the management of wounds involving skin and subcutaneous tissue
  4. Become familiar with the basics of skin grafting, reconstructive surgery, aesthetic surgery, breast reconstruction and craniofacial surgery, among others

Activity outline

Students attend rounds with residents on their team. They participate in conferences with the residents along with potential cadaver labs and visiting professor lectures. Students are involved in surgical procedures and have the opportunity to participate as assistants as well as perform some basic procedures such as suturing.

Method of evaluation

The chief resident associate and the staff consultant evaluate each student following the six competency areas established by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education — medical knowledge, patient care, system-based practice, practice-based learning and improvement, professionalism, and interpersonal communication skills.

  • April 25, 2014
  • ART708493