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Orthopedics (Arizona)


Students are assigned to work directly with a consultant in the Orthopedic Section. This consultant will supervise the clerk's rotation at Mayo Clinic Scottsdale for office practice. Outpatient surgical experience occurs at the Ambulatory Surgery Center at Mayo Clinic Scottsdale and inpatient surgery and patient management will occur at Mayo Clinic Hospital.

Specific goals

  1. The clerk will be expected to improve their skills in interviewing and examining orthopedic patients.
  2. The clerk will learn to diagnose common orthopedic disorders and to formulate treatment plans.
  3. Surgical experience will be gained as the student accompanies the consultant supervisor to the hospital and outpatient surgi-center.
  4. Subsequent rounds on hospital inpatients will allow the student to gain exposure to inpatient management.
  5. The student will be instructed in minor procedures: i.e., casting, suturing, and injections as his ability and opportunity allows.
  6. The student may request to do a rotation with a special emphasis on the upper extremity, adult reconstruction, oncology, or foot and ankle surgery.

Activity outline

The student will be assigned to a consultant in the Section of Orthopedics. The student will interview, examine and review with the supervising physician those patients presenting for initial evaluation. The student will accompany the physician in the office to see patients on recheck and preoperative visits, in the operating suite for surgery, and on hospital rounds. There will be no call responsibilities.

Method of evaluation

A review of the student's general performance will be provided verbally and in writing at the end of the rotation.

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