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Internal Medicine, Hospital Inpatient (Minnesota)

Length of Elective

4 weeks, 2 students per rotation


Students will participate in the provision of care of patients on the Hospital Medicine inpatient services, as well as perioperative consults, primarily at Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Marys Campus. The student will work directly with the Consultant with an emphasis on multidisciplinary care of complex medical and surgical patients. Hospital medicine is a new and rapidly evolving field. Our goal is to create a working learners service where the consultant and students work together as a team.


The primary objective is to educate students in the art of hospital medicine. The student will be encouraged to embrace the highest levels of Professionalism while first and foremost serving the needs of the patient. The importance of communication will be stressed, as well as Quality and Safety. The student will have opportunity to act both a learner and a teacher while on this rotation.

Specific goals

  1. Advance the student's skills in evaluation of complex hospital patients
  2. Learn preoperative assessment and risk stratification Diagnose and initiate treatment of common perioperative medical complications including- Delirium, Cardiac Ischemia, Ileus, Pain, Hypoxia, Urinary Retention, Arrhythmias, Fever, Hypotension and Fluid Management
  3. Stress the importance and vitality of multidisciplinary teams, learning to work efficiently and collegially with Allied Health Providers, Nurses, Pharmacists and Social Services
  4. Optional exposure to Innovation and Quality initiatives and the Continuous Improvement process
  5. Optional readings and lectures in Medical History.

Activity outline

The student will become an active member of the team. There will be flexibility in scheduling blocks based on student's area of interest. The goal will be practicing patient centered care. Stress will be placed on crafting a high quality history based on their findings, researching the related literature as applicable to the case, and working to develop a diagnostic or therapeutic plan that is evidence based, and patient specific, in concert with direct Consultant input. There will be several didactic lectures per week, using the resources available in the department and throughout Mayo. The student will have the opportunity to follow the patient through the process of hospitalization and can observe those tests ordered to better understand the related impact and risks to the patient. There will be opportunities for the student to present a short talk or begin investigation of a Continuous Improvement or Medical History topic. The student will interact with the Allied Health Providers on our service to better understand the working relationship.

Method of evaluation

The student will be evaluated by the Consultant using formal grading sheets. Additionally, the student may be evaluated by the patients they have cared for, and the allied health providers with whom they interact. They will be graded specifically on their communication skills, professionalism and clinical skills using narrative feedback and questionnaires.

Faculty coordinator

Jamie Newman, M.D. Pager 82751

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