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Department and Faculty

Compassionate care for patients and families, as well as experienced medical and allied health teams, are hallmarks of Mayo Clinic's transplantation services. Mayo Clinic in Rochester offers heart, kidney, liver, lung, and pancreas transplants. Bone marrow transplants (BMTs or blood and marrow transplants) are offered through the Division of Hematology/Oncology.

Abdominal transplant procedures are performed at Mayo Clinic Hospital, Methodist Campus, in operating rooms that are specially set up for these complex operations. After each transplant, patients are cared for by staff members experienced in the needs of patients recovering from transplant surgery.

We see outpatients with transplant surgical issues from across the U.S. and around the world, as well as from the large local population.

In addition to caring for patients in their clinical practices, Mayo Clinic's faculty members are committed to teaching and facilitating the growth of medical knowledge. Many of our faculty have published and lectured extensively and are recognized leaders in their field. You will have direct access to these individuals throughout your training program.

You will be assigned a faculty adviser who can provide comprehensive educational advice and personal support. Your adviser also will serve as a contact point, introducing you and your family to Rochester and the Mayo Clinic system.

Visiting Professors
Many prominent professors visit Mayo Clinic each year. They present their work during noon and/or morning lectures and participate in hospital rounds. You will be encouraged to take full advantage of these opportunities.

During your fellowship, you will have access to these resources and support services:

  • Secretarial services for patient care and academic activities
  • Computer support for Internet, literature search, slide creation, database, word processing and e-mail
  • Graphic services for slide and poster presentations
  • Office and work space for fellows
  • Computerized patient records system allows immediate access to medical records from any workstation

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