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Abdominal Transplant Surgery Fellowship (Florida)

Program Description

The Abdominal Transplant Surgery Fellowship is a two-year program for those who have completed general surgery training and wish to specialize in multi-organ abdominal transplant surgery. The objective of the program is to develop proficiency in the surgical and medical management of patients with end-stage organ diseases amenable to transplantation.

Our fellows will receive advanced training in deceased and living donor organ procurement, renal transplantation, kidney/pancreas transplantation, and liver transplantation. This tremendously busy, high-volume transplant center offers ample exposure to the entire spectrum of transplant patient care.

Our program is designed to provide comprehensive training in abdominal organ transplantation, including the evaluation of transplant candidates, the management of patients with acute and chronic liver disease, as well as the preoperative, operative, and postoperative care of organ transplant patients.

Mayo Clinic provides ample exposure to deceased donor multi-organ procurement and living donor nephrectomy. We are proud of our multidimensional training experience and committed to evolving our program to meet today's dynamic transplantation environment.

This program provides a comprehensive experience in the care of the transplant patient. This broad exposure includes medical and surgical management in renal, pancreas, and hepatic transplantation. Your training also will include medical evaluation and selection of recipients, surgical technique, immunosuppression, critical care management, and management of medical and surgical complications.

With nearly 350 abdominal organ transplants being performed each year, and a correspondingly high number of organ retrievals, including living donation, the operative experience for surgical fellows is intended to develop pre-eminent transplant surgeons.

In addition to the large volume of transplant procedures and donor organ procurement, a large number of hepatobiliary procedures, such as decompressive shunt surgery, liver resection, ablative liver procedures and intestinal reconstructive procedures, train our fellows in other important diagnostic and therapeutic options.


Our training program is approved by the American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS) to train in kidney and liver transplantation under delegated authority of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).


When you successfully complete our Abdominal Transplant Surgery Program, you will be eligible to be certified by the American Society of Transplant Surgeons.

Program History

The ASTS-accredited Abdominal Transplant Surgery Fellowship Program began at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville in 2008 and will accept its first trainee to begin the program in 2009. Going forward, it is anticipated that one fellow will complete this program every year.

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