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Vascular/Interventional Imaging Fellowship (Florida)

Program Description

The Vascular/Interventional Imaging Fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville will prepare you for a subspecialty practice or an academic career in interventional radiology.

Throughout this one-year fellowship, you will learn about the diagnosis and treatment of:

  • Blood vessel disorders (arterial and venous)
  • Comprehensive local cancer treatment (radiofrequency ablation, cryotherapy, intra-arterial brachytherapy, chemical ablation with ethanol and acetic acid, embolization and chemoembolization)
  • Management of portal hypertension
  • Minimally invasive support procedures for solid organ transplants
  • Venous access
  • Management of dialysis access
  • Minimally invasive procedures in the biliary, genitourinary and gastrointestinal tracts
  • Biopsies and drainages

Program History

The Vascular/Interventional Imaging Fellowship began in 2008. One fellow will complete training annually in the program.

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