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Cytopathology Fellowship (Minnesota)

Program Description

The one-year Cytopathology Fellowship Program develops expertise in the performance and interpretation of fine needle aspiration biopsies; interpretation of gynecologic and non-gynecologic exfoliative cytology; and application of ancillary techniques such as flow cytometry, molecular diagnostics, cytogenetics and immunocytochemistry.

The emphasis will be on reviewing and diagnosing clinical cytology specimens and interacting with the clinicians and radiologists involved with these patient specimens. The annual volume of cytology specimens at Mayo Clinic Rochester is:

Gynecologic cytology 65,000
Non-gynecologic cytology 17,000
FNAs: Superficial, deep andendoscopic 6,500

Diagnostic material consists of a wide variety of specimens including gynecologic (cervix, uterus, vagina), breast, thyroid, urine, pulmonary, body fluids, lymph node biliary tract and liver.. Performance of superficial fine needle aspirations; and on-site assessment of superficial and image guided deep aspirates provides you with extensive expertise in this popular technique.

You will be given increasing responsibility in cytopathology sign-out as you acquire experience. Research opportunities in immunocytochemistry, morphometry and applied molecular pathology are available.

Training in molecular cytopathology includes FISH for urine, biliary and bronchial brushings (more than 6200 specimens per year); DIA (nearly 2000 specimens per year); and CellSearch for circulating tumor cells. Training in the techniques of ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration for thyroid FNAs will be given under the guidance of endocrinologists.


When you successfully complete Mayo Clinic's Cytopathology Fellowship Program you will be prepared and qualified to take the American Board of Pathology Cytopathology exam if you are certified in anatomic pathology or combined anatomic and clinical pathology.


This fellowship program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

Program History

The Cytopathology Fellowship Program at Mayo Clinic in Rochester will accept its first fellow into the program in 2009. Going forward, it is anticipated that one fellow will complete this program annually. Mayo Clinic's Surgical Pathology Fellowship began in 1919. Since then, nearly 200 fellows have completed their training in this program.

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