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Our Residents

Follow this link to view our current and most recent residents' medical schools, home towns, career interests and academic endeavors.

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Our Residents' Medical Schools

Our categorical residents come from medical schools around the US and outside the country (map reflects 1996-2011).

Medical Schools
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Chief Medical Residents

  1. Dara Eckerle-Mize M.D.
    Dara Eckerle-Mize M.D.
  2. Ivan Porter M.D.
    Ivan Porter M.D.
    • Chief Resident 2011-2012
    • Medical School: Florida State
    • Career Destination: General Internal Medicine
  3. Katherine Duello M.D.
    Katherine Duello M.D.
  4. Irene Klein M.D. Ph.D.
    Irene Klein M.D. Ph.D.
    • Chief Resident 2012-2013
    • Medical School: University of Illinois Chicago
    • Career interest: Pulmonary Medicine
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Resident Destinations

Internal Medicine Residency (Florida)
Chief Medical Residents 2010-2013

Victoria Gomez M.D. (2011 Graduate)
Internal Medicine Residency (Florida)

Dr. Gomez is pursuing an academic gastroenterology career and her residency research focused on advanced endoscopy. During her residency, she had 8 published peer reviewed journal articles (6 as first author), 3 articles in progress and 11 published peer reviewed abstracts. At left, an oral presentation in the Distinguished Abstract Plenary Session at 2011 Digestive Disease Week in Chicago. Her residency mentor was Michael Wallace M.D.

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PGY-1 Mentoring Program

Career success begins with early mentoring and academic opportunities. Beginning in September of each intern year, we undergo a process to identify and best-fit mentors in residents’ chosen specialties. The goal is to begin some scholarly work to help you be successful in securing an excellent fellowship, as well as to build a skill set needed for lifelong scholarly engagement.

Faculty are annually asked to submit proposals, then residents will review the proposals and meet with faculty of their choice. Trainees would then select their own mentors.

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Structured Assistance for Securing Fellowships

The residency has two workshops every year devoted to career planning and fellowship application. These workshops include subspecialty program directors and program administrators, as well as residents who have recently completed the interview trail. In addition, there are mock interviews available and a session on curriculum vitae preparation. Residents have advisors from the pool of core faculty (associate program directors), as well as academic mentors, when they are ready.

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Graduate Destinations

Class of 2011
Ronald Butendieck Rheumatology Mayo Florida
Caroline Davidge-Pitts Endocrinology Mayo Rochester
Dara Eckerle-Mize Chief Medical Resident 2011-2012,
Endocrinology 2012-2015
Mayo Florida
Victoria Gomez Gastroenterology Mayo Florida
Neal Patel Gastroenterology Mayo Arizona
Ivan Porter Chief Medical Resident Mayo Florida
Jason Starr Heme-Onc Mayo Florida
Class of 2010
Aaron Broadwell Rheumatology Scripps Clinic
Lynsey Cassidy Chief Medical Resident Mayo Florida
Matthew Elliott Nephrology Vanderbilt
Jennifer Katsolis Infectious Diseases Mayo Florida
Steven Mickelsen Cardiology University of Iowa
Pragnesh Parikh Cardiology Mayo Florida
Jose Soto-Soto Pulmonary-Critical Care Mayo Florida
David Yancey Hospital Medicine Carolinas Medical Center
Class of 2009
Wendy Bosch Infectious Diseases Mayo Florida
Susan Coe Gastroenterology Mayo Florida
Lyndell Horine Endocrinology University of Arkansas
Jacob Mathew Heme-Onc Mayo Florida
John Moss Pulmonary-Critical Care Mayo Florida
Gabriel Mufuka Cardiology Mayo Florida
Roya Rouhani Geriatrics Mayo Rochester
Michelle Tulang Private Practice Fort Pierce, FL
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