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Infectious Diseases Transplant Fellowship (Minnesota)

Program Description

The Transplantation Medicine: Infectious Diseases Transplant Fellowship Program at Mayo Clinic in Rochester is designed to prepare physicians with prior training in infectious diseases for a career in academic medicine, subspecialty practice, and/or hospital epidemiology, with special focus on transplantation. The training includes both clinical and research components.

In this post-subspecialty fellowship you will acquire comprehensive knowledge and competence in managing infectious disease-related issues in bone marrow/peripheral blood stem cell transplantation and solid organ transplantation, including liver, kidney, heart, lung and pancreas transplantation.

This fellowship is offered in a medical center at which more than 1000 patients receive transplantation procedures annually including:

  • Pre-transplantation assessment and prophylaxis strategies
  • Infectious diseases occurring at the time of the transplant procedure
  • Long-term infectious diseases issues following transplantation
  • Application of advanced molecular diagnostic tools in the management of infection

You will be required to participate in a clinical/basic science research project under faculty supervision and at the end of the research training, will become conversant with basic aspects of clinical or bench research. Additional training in research is available for interested fellows.

The one-year Infectious Diseases Transplant Fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester offers you:

  • Preparation for a successful career in infectious diseases in a group practice or academic center where transplantation is performed
  • In-depth exposure to multidisciplinary approaches to a large volume of patients with who require transplantation
  • Exciting research opportunities in the field of infectious diseases

The Infectious Diseases Transplant Fellowship Program is recognized as an approved training program by the American Board of Internal Medicine .

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