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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my 'significant other' find a place to work?

We realize that for many residents a move to Rochester is highly dependent on the ability to secure employment or a position for someone close to them. Rochester is a growing city with a population exceeding 100,000. Mayo Clinic Rochester is one of the top employers in the region. See the Mayo employment Web site. Other major employers include IBM, the Rochester school system, and the local hotel/restaurant industry. The density of information technology infrastructure in the region makes Rochester an ideal environment for telecommuting. Professional services and light manufacturing are also prominent components of the work force. There is a consortium of institutions of higher learning in Rochester and several different school systems that serve K-12 — public and private. The cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, which comprise a major metropolitan area, are within 80 minutes by car. Mayo's program maintains an informal network of significant others and family members in the various arenas noted above to assist and guide new members to our community.

Describe the work-life balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Work-life balance is highly influenced by the nature of the people with whom you work. The "esprit de corps" is particularly rich within Mayo's residency program and one of the most cited positives at the end of the year. Over 90 percent of interns are moving to Rochester from elsewhere and all are looking for friends and people with whom they want to spend time. Many choose to purchase a home because the cost of living is relatively low. Approximately 30 percent are single, 30 percent are involved in a serious relationship, and 40 percent are married. Approximately 25 percent have children. All have been selected because of the richness they will add to the community and their ability to bring out the best in those around them. It is no surprise that residents develop some of their closest friendships with one another. Similarly, the size of the institution and number of other educational programs attract to Rochester a wide variety of people throughout the world. Mayo has more than 1,900 residents, fellows, medical and postgraduate students in Rochester. Numerous activities are organized to allow kindred spirits to find each other.

What do residents do outside of work?

For a relatively small city, Rochester and its environs offer a surprising breadth of cultural, recreational and educational activities. The following three Web sites give an overview of the community, and many additional opportunities are listed below.


  • Choral Arts Ensemble
  • Rochester Orchestra and Chorale
  • Rochester Aria Group
  • Harmony for Mayo, a weekly concert series sponsored by Mayo


Frequently Asked Questions
  • Rochester Civic Theater
  • Rochester Repertory Theater
  • Commonweal Theater (nearby Lanesboro)
  • Jon Hassler Theatre (nearby Plainview)


  • Rochester Art Center, offering both museum and education opportunities

Volunteer opportunities

  • Salvation Army Free Clinic
  • Paws and Claws Humane Society


  • Extensive biking and hiking trails
  • Rochester YMCA
  • Rochester Athletic Club (thought to be one of the largest health clubs in North America)
  • Semiprofessional baseball and teams


  • University of Minnesota, Rochester
  • Rochester Community and Technical College
  • Extensive offerings through the Community Education program

Miscellaneous offerings

  • Extensive weekly Farmers' Market
  • Good Food Store, an eclectic, well-stocked organic grocery store with a vegetarian restaurant
  • Several excellent bakeries, including "Great Harvest" and "The Bread Baker"
  • ART975553