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Clinical Scholar Track

The Clinical Scholar Track is a three-year track available for those interested in a career in clinical research or scholarly practice.

This track is designed to augment a physician's clinical training by providing new skills and perspectives necessary to achieve future leadership positions. It includes one year of research and two years of hands-on clinical experience.

The track stresses training in the quantitative and qualitative sciences underlying the essential aspects of improving health care delivery and medical care systems. Trainees are offered the opportunity to complete a master's degree in clinical and translational science through the Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCaTS). A certificate program through CCaTS is also available.

The broader goal of the Clinical Scholar Track is to expand the body of knowledge related to gastrointestinal and hepatologic diseases and develop effective therapeutic interventions.

Sample curriculum

Year 1

Area Length
Colonoscopy 1 month
Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) 1 month
Liver transplant service 1 month
Esophageal clinic 1 week
Colorectal neoplasia clinic 1 week
Pancreas clinic 1 week
Hepatobiliary clinic 1 month
Motility clinic 2 weeks
Miscellaneous GI testing 2 weeks
Inflammatory bowel disease clinic 1 month
General GI clinic 1 month
Hospital consults 2.5 months
Hospital 1 month
Nutrition 2 weeks
Proctology clinic 1 week
Total 12 months

Year 2

Area Length
Research 12 months
Total 12 months

Year 3

Area Length
Colonoscopy 1 month
Bleeding team 1.5 months
Complex endoscopy 2.5 months
ERCP/complex 1 month
Hospital primary service 1.5-2 months
Liver transplant service 2 weeks-1 month
Hospital consults 2 weeks-1 month
Hepatobiliary clinic 1 month
Capsule reading 2 weeks
Electives* 1-1.5 months
Total 12 months

*Scheduling of elective times varies for each fellow. The actual curriculum may vary slightly among fellows and often changes from year to year based on feedback from faculty and fellows.

Research training

Fellows in the Clinical Scholar Track are not expected to formally participate in major research projects until the second year, but they are encouraged to conduct small projects and participate in existing protocols throughout the program.

In addition to extensive input from a mentorship committee, the associate chair of research and the program director, a daylong research symposium is held in the fall of the first year to help fellows select research projects. By the end of the first year, you will develop a research proposal and choose a preceptor to assist with your second-year research project.

  • May 5, 2014
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