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Department and Faculty

The Division of Cardiovascular Diseases at Mayo Clinic has developed highly successful clinical and research programs for the treatment of patients with structural heart disease. Patients with structural heart disease are evaluated by specialized nurse educators and physicians in dedicated specialty clinics, including:

Patients undergo cardiac imaging with specialized protocols in both the Echocardiography Laboratory and the Department of Radiology. In the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, select interventional cardiologists perform these therapies due to their high complexity and need for expertise. The division uses a multidisciplinary approach, with many patient evaluations and procedures performed in close collaboration with cardiac surgeons.


Mayo Clinic's Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility that consists of six rooms dedicated to interventional cardiology. The laboratory is staffed by 22 adult and pediatric cardiologists. More than 5,500 diagnostic procedures, 1,600 percutaneous coronary interventions and 500 structural heart disease interventions are performed in the lab annually.

Presently, there are 12 consultants with clinical and research expertise in structural heart disease interventions at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. The procedure volumes for structural heart disease interventions at Mayo Clinic in Rochester far exceed the 100 annual cases recommended as the minimum standard in national consensus statements.

In addition to performing structural heart disease interventions, as a fellow in this program, you will have the opportunity to participate in the clinical evaluation of patients in each of the specialty clinics, as well as interact with specialized colleagues in the departments of Surgery and Radiology.

Advisers and Mentors

You will be assigned a staff mentor to review your progress and career goals. Your mentor and the program director will meet with you throughout the year to ensure that your educational needs are being met.

Visiting Professors

The Division of Cardiovascular Diseases hosts many prominent professors with expertise in structural heart disease each year. You will be encouraged to take full advantage of opportunities to interact with these renowned experts.

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