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Family Medicine Residency (Florida)

Program description

Family Medicine Residency

The three-year Family Medicine Residency at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla., offers:

  • A comprehensive education emphasizing the management and treatment of common problems encountered by family physicians
  • Innovation in the practice of family medicine
  • An emphasis on treating the whole patient and his or her family on an ongoing basis
  • Extensive outpatient procedural training
  • A supportive environment with a well-rounded faculty
  • A competitive sports medicine fellowship
  • An active palliative medicine fellowship

Program history

Photo of Dr. William W. Mayo in the late 1800s

Dr. William W. Mayo making a "house call" in the late 1800s

The Family Medicine Residency at Mayo Clinic in Florida began training residents in 1995. Since then, more than 85 residents have completed our program. Our graduates are practicing in all types of locales, from underserved, rural areas to large cities. Each year, six residents are welcomed into our program.

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