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Director's Welcome

Timothy R. Long, M.D.

Welcome to the Mayo Clinic Anesthesiology Residency Program. As a graduate of the program myself, I consider Mayo Clinic an outstanding place for medical graduates to practice and learn the art of anesthesiology, intensive care and pain medicine.

One of the founders of the specialty certification program in anesthesiology was the first chairman of our department. Since that time, our department has grown into one of the most well-recognized and well-respected in the world, having produced (and continuing to produce) leaders in all aspects of anesthesia practice, education and research.

I am honored to serve as the residency director within a department built on a strong foundation of educational excellence — one that began in 1918 when William and Charles Mayo introduced the concept of physician training by residency.

Today, the Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education hosts more than 1,800 residents in virtually all medical and surgical specialties. Anesthesiology continues to be a very competitive and popular choice among medical students for graduate medical education.

The Department of Anesthesiology is an independent, academic department that is chaired by Bradly J. Narr, M.D. Our faculty members:

  • Are leaders in the use of simulation to enhance the delivery of medical care
  • Direct an elective fourth-year clerkship in anesthesiology and a mandatory third-year clerkship for Mayo Medical School students
  • Develop and deliver electives in anesthesiology, critical care and pain medicine for visiting medical students
  • Lecture nationally and internationally
  • Serve on institutional, regional and national committees
  • Conduct cutting-edge research
  • Innovate and collaborate to enhance the care delivered to patients

The goal of the Mayo Clinic Anesthesiology Residency program is to train physicians who are compassionate, clinically proficient, patient-centered, and evidence-based in their approach. We aspire to prepare you to become a leader in the field of anesthesiology and in your community.

Aside from the state-of-the-art facilities, the outstanding curriculum and the diverse clinical exposure, what sets Mayo apart is the people. The principles of teamwork, partnership and family were important to the Mayo brothers, and these principles continue to have a major impact on the practice of medicine and education throughout the institution. At Mayo, you will find outstanding individuals who work together as a team to offer the very best in patient care and Anesthesiology education.

I am enthusiastic about the future of Anesthesiology and its related fields, and I am confident that once you have seen what the Mayo Clinic Department of Anesthesiology has to offer, you will definitely consider training here.

Timothy R. Long, M.D.

Anesthesiology Residency Program Director

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