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The Mayo International Health Program has compiled a broad range of resources to help you prepare for your rotation in an underserved international community.

For Mayo Clinic employees

These links are for Mayo faculty, residents, fellows and other staff.

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Service opportunities

Travel medicine care

For Mayo Clinic employees and the public

Clinical cases

Conferences, seminars and courses

Online learning

Books to bring

  • "Pocket Book of Hospital Care for Children" (World Health Organization)
  • "Primary Surgery" (Volume 1, Non-Trauma; Volume 2, Trauma — Maurice King, et al.)
  • "Surgical Care at the District Hospital" (textbook of essential surgery for primary care physicians — World Health Organization)
  • "Handbook of Medicine in Developing Countries" (3rd edition — Dennis Palmer and Catherine E. Wolf, CMDA, 2008. Target audience: Doctors and other clinicians going on short-term or long medical trips.)
  • "Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine" (3rd edition — Michael Eddleston, Robert Davidson, Andrew Brent and Robert Wilkinson, Oxford University Press, 2008. Target audience: Residents and practicing clinicians in the West or majority world. Part of the Oxford Handbook Series, a classic series of handbooks used and respected widely in Anglophone Africa.)
  • "Lecture Notes: Tropical Medicine" (6th edition — G.V. Gill and Nick Beeching, Wiley-Blackwell, 2009. Target audience: Students and practitioners of tropical medicine. This is a 30-year classic from the Liverpool School that uses bullet-point outlines, tables, boxes and lists extensively for easier lookup.)
  • "Common Medical Problems in the Tropics" (3rd edition — C.R. Schull, Macmillan Education, 2010. Target audience: Paramedical workers in majority world countries. Gives approach to diagnosis of presenting symptoms within a resource-limited setting.)

Country context of care orientation

Additional preparation for global health work

Travel medicine care

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